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With a different emphasis to our corporate video production, we have started an expansion into narrative filmmaking with 'Wings for Victory'.

Wings for Victory Production Poster


Adam Tucker, Freya Papworth, Gemma Burgess, George Kelleher, Gregory A. Smith, Alex Harvey-Brown, Chris Hillebrandt, Nadia Lamin, Emily Clayden and Alan Long.


Written, Produced and Directed by: Ash Jones


Cinematography by: Nicholas Peel


Music by: Nash Sibanda



Technical Information:


Completed: January 2016

Running Time: 12:30

Format: UHD Scope 2.39:1 24p LR audio.

Location: Eversley, Hampshire, UK

Hounded by the echoes of his experiences, a disillusioned World War II airman returns home, searching for peace of mind. A musical phrase resonates above it all.


'Wings For Victory' is a short World War II tale told through the eyes of a RAF airman. Having suffered trauma and injury he returns home, disillusioned by the war effort, searching for answers and peace of mind. He falters as he is reminded of all he has lost and the future he will never have, but there is hope in the talents of a young pianist.

Wings for Victory Official Selectin World War II Film Festival Normandie International
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