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You supply the brief, as detailed as possible, outlining what you want to achieve with the video, including any themes you want to present and key content.


We then research your company, learning as much as we can about your facilities, products, services, your company's work ethic and goals.


Using this information we will start to build ideas, craft an exciting and creative concept that best reflects your promotional requirements and enhances your image. We then come back to you with our design and discuss the various elements, making sure we have the best ingredients to deliver a top quality video.


We have an imaginative and efficient production team, who are able to collect footage with minimal disruption to your facility. We have a versatile collection of kit, including HD broadcast quality equipment.


For work that may take place airside, or in a hanger facility our crew have their own safety shoes and goggles and are versed in the health and safety procedures surrounding aircraft maintenance.


In post, we have the facilities to edit and refine our footage and shape the message of the video. We then add vibrant motion graphics, that compliment the tone of the video, adding pace and heightening the dynamic nature of a fast cut promotion or, enriching the style and elegance of a detailed description of a new program/service.


The final project can be delivered in a variety of ways, depending on your distribution requirements. We can provide files, for internet/intranet upload or high quality for presentation and advertisement. We offer a number of revisions, as part of our post-production service to make sure your message is as concise and tailor-made as possible.

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